Grow Great Spring Flowers and Pollinators Will Come!

Spring blooming Scabiosa will attract bees from the get go of the season. Scabiosa Blue Cockade. Spring blooming flowers are about so much more than just gorgeous flowers.  Those featured in my book Cool Flowers are spring bloomers, but they also offer …

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Julius Melchers and Figurecarving in 19th Century America

Julius Melchers’ ‘Captain Jack,’ now on display at Gari Melchers Home & Studio at Belmont In 1886, a New York journalist noted that, “Few objects, policemen and lampposts excepted, are more familiar to the public than the cigar store wooden Indian. …

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Green is the Color of Spring

Me reading “Green,” by Laura Vaccaro Seeger in Gari Melchers’ Studio. Hello Belmont Blog readers! My name is Tramia Jackson and as the Education Assistant and newest staff member here at Gari Melcher’s Home and Studio at Belmont, my first task was to d …

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