Garden & Grounds

Inspired by the revivalist spirit of their day, Gari and Corinne aimed to enhance the colonial air of their storied property, further developing the immediate lawns around the house with old fashioned box parterres, perennial gardens, a vegetable garden, a fruit orchard, and their old cow-paths to the river now serve as a few miles of walking trails. The mid-19th century horseshoe-shaped stairs at the front elevation of the house, highly admired for its decorative beauty and combination of cast and molded iron-work, must have been a source of great pride for the couple who photographed it often. They further embellished the grounds with a handsome summer house, picturesque farm buildings and gates, stone walls, and sculpture. They raised turkeys, often the centerpiece of holiday meals, and featured ice cream at many events, made from the milk provided by their dairy cattle.

Take a virtual walking tour of Belmont’s gardens and grounds to learn about the many plants, garden ornaments, buildings, nature trails, and trees  that help tell the story of this unique site. Trail Map

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