Elegy for a Painter

Eighty-eight years ago today Gari Melchers slipped the bonds of earth. In the wake of his unexpected death, a great outpouring of tributes testified to a life well lived. It was evident that his passing was felt as a distinctive loss to American art. T …

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Corinne Melchers: Reluctant Artist

Corinne Melchers, circa 1903 Our benefactress, Corinne Melchers, remains somewhat of an enigma today. Did you know she was a painter? While her surviving letters tell us about her daily activities, they fail to answer some of our more penetrating quest …

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An Artist’s Fascination with Light

As an expatriate in Holland, Germany, and Paris and back in the United States, every time Gari Melchers pulled up stakes he was compelled to find a new studio to work in. First considerations were always given to light —and not just any light—northern …

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