Corinne Melchers is Paying Us a Visit

Gari Melchers’ portrait of his beautiful wife entitled La Brabançonne will soon go on view from April 1 through November 2, thanks to a loan by the Annmary Brown Memorial Collection of Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. La Brabançonne, or Th …

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How to Read Belmont’s Sundial

During my periodic Director’s Tours and when I’m helping out with regular tours, visitors often ask me what that thing is mounted on the outside wall of the sun porch.  Most correctly guess that it is some sort of sundial, but no-one has been able to d …

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True and Clear: The Story of American Artist Gari Melchers

What better way to kick off Belmont’s new blog than to introduce you to Gari Melchers – his career as an artist, marriage to Corinne, and their shared life here at Belmont.  

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