Theodore Roosevelt’s Portrait by Gari Melchers

Gari Melchers, Portrait of President Theodore Roosevelt, 1908, Freer Gallery of Art An article that appears in the most recent issue of the White House History Quarterly takes a deep dive into 1909 when Charles Lang Freer commissioned American artist G …

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The Value of Gari Melchers’ Dollar

During tours, visitors often ask what Gari Melchers’ paintings sold for, or how much he earned for a portrait. We know some of these numbers from our archives and research, but they are described in prices from the early 20th century, which seem paltry …

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Painting a President

Gari Melchers’ Portrait of Theodore Roosevelt is a favorite among our guests. Roosevelt is the most notable public figure Melchers painted during his career, and this picture thus cemented his reputation as one of America’s premier portrait painters. I …

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