Theodore Roosevelt’s Portrait by Gari Melchers

Gari Melchers, Portrait of President Theodore Roosevelt, 1908, Freer Gallery of Art An article that appears in the most recent issue of the White House History Quarterly takes a deep dive into 1909 when Charles Lang Freer commissioned American artist G …

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Let’s Face It! Remembering Gari Melchers

Hang around artists long enough and you’re bound to have your portrait painted. That explains why there are so many portraits of Gari Melchers by his friends in the collection at Belmont. When an early portrait of Gari Melchers recently surfaced, I got …

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Help Us Find this Picture

  This is a black and white image of the smaller oil study Melchers painted, now lost. In response to my colleague’s “Painting a President” blog post, I thought it would be great to share this image in the hopes that someone out there might know w …

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