Falmouth Bridge

This article originally appeared in the March 2016 Stafford County Historical Society newsletter and is shared here on our blog with the author’s permission. The Falmouth Bridge is of particular interest to us because Joseph B. Ficklen owned Belmont. A …

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Mannsfield Stone

The stone used to build the studio, summer house, and stone garage, as well as those that make our paths and garden walls, have recently been identified as being rich with dinosaur footprints. Dr. Robert Weems, research geologist for the United States …

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Looming Yankees: The Union Army Hovers Opposite Fredericksburg–Some Images and Incidents.

Belmont was constructed in the 1790s, nearly 126 years prior to the Melchers’ purchasing the Falmouth property in 1916. This is an excellent blog post written by National Park Service Historian John Hennessy that describes the devastation that took pla …

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