Missing Paintings

Gari Melchers was a very prolific artist who worked in a wide variety of media, everything from oil paintings to etchings. One of our objectives at Gari Melchers Home and Studio is to locate and identify original works by Melchers. We engage in this activity for scholarly reasons. Belmont does not actively acquire works by the artist. Genuine pictures that are new to our eyes continue to surface, so we are always eager to hear from museums, galleries and private individuals who are willing to share information with us. Should you require assistance from us in authenticating or identifying a Melchers, please feel free to contact the curator at 540/654-1841 or email her at jcatron@umw.edu.

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From our curator:  I am looking for a small painting by Gari Melchers entitled The Ring. I have no image of it but your picture may fit this 1922 New York Times description:

“There is the human touch in Gari Melchers’ ‘The Ring.’ The man and girl are of the people. He, smoking a long pipe, is giving her the ring. There is good color. The girl’s waist is bright green; there is reddish brown in the couch upon which the two are sitting, and the slightest note of blue in dishes on a shelf above.”   Give me a holler if it does!