When East Meets West

Saturday, March 30, Belmont was the site of a beautiful Indian-themed reception!  The engagement celebration was decorated with Indian table settings and photos of the happy couple.  Jenna is from the Fredericksburg area and teaches in India where she met her future husband.    The June wedding take place in India.

The stateside celebration was exciting and well attended.  Guests had a great time and were happy to congratulate the couple and their families.  The evening included a ring ceremony.  The Mother of the Groom spoke to the guests and explained the symbolism of the ceremony.  The giving of rings marks the beginning of the wedding covenant.  The placement of a veil on the bride-to-be represents her acceptance into the family and was given by the groom’s mother.  The bride-to-be also wore jewelry given to her by the groom’s mother.  All the guests were invited to greet the couple and take photos with them before dinner.

Caroline Street Catering prepared delicious hors d’oeuvres, dinner, and a popular Indian dessert called Gulab Jamun.  The super sweet desserts were wonderful!  For Caroline Street Catering owner and chef,  Shane Sheaffer, it was his first time making the dessert.  He knew the Gulab Jamun was prepared well when the groom told him how good it was.

Sweet Reasons provided amazing cupcakes for the evening.  The flavors offered were cookies and cream, chocolate caramel, red velvet and lemon chiffon.  Classical/jazz/world guitarist Peter Fields entertained the guests after dinner. We wish this special couple a happy and healthy life together in India.

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